MTECHTIPS - RCOM RCOM is in HOLD SHORT position The share was in downtrend but yesterday market closed in confusion so book short if any or hold with tight stop at 1.0 If trades and sustain above 0.75 it is a covering signal The RCOM is now trading in highly oversold level. The oscillator is showing SELL signal.The short term sell signal is supported by 50 % indicators. Intraday trend-The share closed in a confusion manner So sell for intraday Only below 0.7 with a stop at 0.7 If opens above 0.7 or trade above 0.7 go for buy with stop at 0.7 The intraday signal WWW.MTECHTIPS.COM 07489294118
Published on Oct 18 2019 11:26AM, by MTECHTIPS in Commodity tips| Share This

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